Parochial Report Forms

Parochial Report Instructions

Congregational Reporting for 2018

As noted in the message to the parishes before Christmas, Congregational Reporting this year will be due on March 1st.  The Financial and Membership portions of this report will be incorporated in the online Provincial Report for the ACNA.  You should be receiving further details directly from the Province early next week. The full PDF version of their report is available for those who wish to distribute the work and get started.

Basic parish information on every congregation has been preloaded for you.  It is recommended that after setting up a User ID and logging in, you check that information and make any needed additions or corrections.  The information you provide here will be the profile displayed to anyone in the world searching for an ACNA parish in our area.   Providing good information now will bless your parish in the long run.

The information being requested by the Diocese of South Carolina includes that regarding Generational MinistriesParochial Contacts and Clergy Salary Worksheets. The fillable PDF’s for preparing these reports may all be found on the Diocesan website.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact either me or Mrs. Nancy Armstrong.  Completed Diocesan forms should be emailed to Nancy by March 1st.   The Provincial information will be provided directly to the Diocese by the ACNA.


Congregational Reporting

The Congregational Reporting (a.k.a. parochial reports) process is about to begin for the churches in our diocese. The process will be changing, now that we are part of the ACNA.  For starters, these reports are due March 1st.

This year, those portions of the annual reporting dealing with Finances and Membership will all be addressed by the ACNA Provincial report.  That report can be completed entirely online (though a PDF version is available if preferred).  The Diocesan portion of the report (Parochial Contact Information and Generational Ministries Information) will be provided via fillable PDFs supplied by the Diocese.

How Do I Get Started?
Basic information on all the congregations of the Diocese has been pre-loaded into the Provincial website as an initial start.  The person responsible for creating your report will need to sign in to access the page and complete your report.

The Provincial website has a Quick Start Guide that will lead you through the steps to get going:

Once that process is completed and you have a password, log in here to begin entering parish data:

A Province wide communication will go out on January 15 to announce the process, but the system will be open as of January 1 for those who want to get a head start.

Why Does This Matter?
This reporting is important because it

  1. Ensures the proportional representation of your congregation and diocese in the councils of the Church.
  2. Helps our Diocese and Province get beyond anecdotal information in order to evaluate larger trends within our Church.
  3. Is an opportunity to update vital contact information for yourself and your   congregation for the diocese and potential visitors.

How Does This Report Help Visitors Find My Congregation?
The online reporting software is the foundation of the new provincial website and parish finder, and your congregation’s particular page will be a point of contact for those looking for an Anglican church in your area. Although the reporting season will end on March 1st, you have access to this system year-round in order to be able to update information about your parish (worship times, programs, etc.) and highlight your ministries for prospective visitors.

Is there a hard copy of the report?
Yes, the Provincial report is available as a PDF.   The Diocesan forms will be distributed shortly after the New Year as a fillable PDF.  Some congregations prefer to hand out sections of the PDF to the relevant ministry leaders (ex. the “Worship” section goes to the Rector, “Stewardship” section goes to Treasurer, etc.) have them fill it in on paper first, and then add it to the online system.

What if I Need Assistance?

  1. The website has both video tutorials and a FAQ section where you can find answers about the Provincial portions.
  2. You can contact me at and if I know the answer I will be happy to help you, particularly regarding the Diocesan portions.
  3. There is also a “Support” tab on the website, where a volunteer is available to assist you. (Please understand that there will be thousands of people using the system, but there are only a few support staff. If you don’t get someone via live chat right away, you can leave a message and they will get back with you as soon as they are able.)

As the clergy of your parish, I invite you to please share this message with the appropriate ministry leaders in your congregation.  I’ll be following up with you prior to January 15 to provide the informational PDFs needed for the Diocesan reports.  Everything else can be done online.

Thanks in advance for your part in helping make this important process go smoothly.