Press Releases

Press Releases

July 1, 2019: SC Supreme Court Denies TEC’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus

December 12, 2018: The Long Road to Freedom:Diocese and Parishes File 28 Motions for Summary Judgement

November 17, 2018: Judge Dickson will Determine What the Supreme Court Opinions Mean

June 11, 2018: Diocese’s Petition for Cert Denied by US Supreme Court

February 9, 2018: Diocese Files Petition with the US Supreme Court

November 18, 2017: Diocese Denied Rehearing  by South Carolina Supreme Court

November 10, 2017: Amicus Brief Filed By Religious Leaders in Support of Diocese

October 13, 2017: Diocese Rebuts Amici Brief Defending Justice Hearn

October 5, 2017: Diocese Announces Schedule for Mediation

September 25, 2017: Diocese of South Carolina Rebuttal of TEC Recusal and Rehearing Arguments

September 18, 2017: TEC Responds to the Diocese of South Carolina’s Motions for Recusal and Rehearing

September 1, 2017: Diocese of South Carolina and 29 Parish Churches File Motion for Rehearing in State Supreme Court

August 2, 2017: South Carolina Supreme Court Releases Divided Opinion on Diocese of South Carolina and its Historic Property

February 22, 2017:  U.S. Court of Appeals Returns Case Accusing Bishop Mark Lawrence of False Advertising to District Court

March 12, 2016: Diocese of South Carolina Considers ACNA Affiliation

September 23, 2015: Diocese of South Carolina Defends Its Property Against Another Episcopal Church Appeal

September 21, 2015: U.S. Judge Delays Hearing on Episcopal Church Appeal Demanding Identity of Diocese of South Carolina, Pending State Court Decision

June 16, 2015: Diocese of South Carolina Files Reply Brief with the South Carolina Supreme Court

June 15, 2015: Churches Reject TEC Spurious Offer to Settle

April 15, 2015: Lewis Statement: SC Supreme Court Agreed to Take Appeal of Judge Goodstein Ruling

April 4, 2015: South Carolina Judge Reaffirms Her Ruling Against the Episcopal Church

February 3, 2015: Judge Rules for Diocese