2014 Circuit Court Daily Trial Updates

Daily Trial Updates

February 22, 2015: Judge Reaffirms Ruling Against TEC

Ruling Issued: February 3, 2015: Judge Rules Diocese of SC and Parishes Withdrew Successfully with Properties

Trial Ends: Highlights from the Trial of the Diocese of SC vs. TEC and TECSC

Day 14: July 25, 2014:  Trial Ends with Testimony of Bishop Lawrence

Day 13: July 24, 2014:  Celebrated expert in religious history testifies TEC hold no control or supreme authority over dioceses

Day 12: July 23, 2014:  TEC Uses Bishop vonRosenberg to Claim “Dioceses Can’t Leave.”

Day 11: July 22, 2014:  TEC Spends day making arguments Judge rules irrelevant

Day 10: July 21, 2014:  TEC attorney admits constitution does not prevent a diocese from leaving

Day Nine: July 18, 2014:  TEC Bishop testifies nothing in governing documents says a diocese can’t leave