Grandparenting Ministry

“Called to Grandparenting”
An Interview with Cathy Jacobs
Have you ever wondered what a grandparent is to do with a lifetime of wisdom to offer others? If so, this interview is for you. Listen to Cathy Jacobs, Founder and Executive Director of Pass The Legacy and a grandmother to 4 beautiful grandbabies, share how God revealed to her that being a grandparent is more than just changing diapers, cooking casseroles and babysitting, but a call from the Lord to intentionally sow seeds of faith into your grown children and grandchildren. Cathy’s passion, vision, wisdom, and resources will bless you as you embark on this journey with your family and the Lord. Follow the below link to listen to Cathy’s interview:

*Please forgive Cathy’s “other baby” Rudy’s barking to let us know the UPS man had arrived*