Men’s Summit

Men's Summit Poster

Men’s Summit III

Bishop Mark Lawrence:  “A Work To Do”

Saturday, September 29, 2018 | St. Paul’s Summerville | 316 W. Carolina Ave, Summerville

9:00 am | Continental Breakfast
9:30 am – 12:30 pm | Summit Talks

Leadership Team: Russ Gantt and the Men of St. Paul’s

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Men’s Summit I Video Presentations

Bishop Mark Lawrence:  “You matter: Your mind, body and heart”

Fall/Winter 2016-2017  . View photos from the event.

Video introduction:
The 2016 Men’s Summit was called by Bishop Lawrence in order for him to have the opportunity to speak into the lives of all of his men in the Diocese of South Carolina. He focused his Summit talks on three specific areas for men: your mind matters, your body matters and your heart matters. Your diocesan Men’s Ministry is pleased to provide these three talks via video for your personal and church group use.  Group questions are provided below each video for use at the end of each of the three talks.  For questions or more information contact: Jay Crouse, Coordinator for Men’s Ministry, Diocese of South Carolina.

Talk #1:  Your mind matters

1.    “The journey from the head to the heart is the longest and most difficult we know.”  Discuss this journey in your own life.

2.    “What the heart desires, the will chooses and the mind justifies.”  How do you gain control of your mind when your heart desires things of the flesh?  Do you have a group of Christian men you can lean on and with who would be willing to ask to hold you accountable?

3.    “God renews our minds as we allow His Word and His Spirit to form and shape our thoughts and imagination and thereby gain a Spirit-formed mind.”  How do you renew your mind?  Daily.  What are your take-aways from this talk?

Talk #2: Your body matters.

1.     “The body’s desires and appetites can lead us astray just as much as the desires of the heart or the wrong thinking of the mind.”  How does this happen in your life?  Any specific examples?

2.    “The bodily passions war against us and so leads us into sin but the body guarded by a renewed mind can be used for great good.”   Ah, back to the mind.  How does your control of your mind direct the feet of your body?

3.    “We are expected to glorify God in our bodies.”  By our own physical appearance?  How does your body glorify God?  In your actions?  Discuss.  What are your take-aways from this talk?

Talk #3: Your heart matters.

1.     “Biblically speaking the heart is our inner center- the inner person where our emotions and will reside.”  What is your heart condition today?  Where would you like it to be?

2.    “All too often, it is in the heart that resentment and bitterness take root.”   If your heart is filled with resentment and bitterness, how will this affect your mind and body?  How do you release yourself from resentment and bitterness?

3.    “To watch over or keep the heart is to protect our hearts by God’s grace and Spirit from the influences that might jeopardize our integrity.”  Do you see the connection between your heart and your integrity?  Explain.

4.    “Again, one of the greatest of all journeys is the journey with God from the head to the heart, it courses through the mind, body and emotions.”  From these three talks, is that journey from the head to the heart more open to you?  Is this a one-time journey or ongoing journey?  What are your take-aways from these Men’s Summit talks?